Loading: Will my floors get scratched during the moving process?

Your floors are in good Hands. Movers use floor pads, cardboard, or plastic to protect your floors (hardwood, laminate, carpet, tile, etc.) from scratches or damage.


To ensure your floors stay protected please remove and pack any clutter or loose items to ensure a safe working environment for the hands in order to remove fall and tripping hazards

Weather happens and we are ready for it, hands will place floor pads at entryways to guard against tracking the elements inside reducing fall hazards and keeping your floors pristine.

You hired us, trust us. It's tempting to want to help expedite the process in any way possible but your good intentions could create an unsafe working environment. Let our professionals do all the moving, the best way to help is to give our hands space and the ability to work. Just like clutter can cause an accident so can your unforeseen presents, unrestrained pets or children. Open communication as you are moving about your home if necessary will help prevent damaged floors, goods and possible bodily injury.