How to include additional fees or discounts

Use the 'Process Payment' action to add line items

Important: Changing crew size will also change the hourly rate for the service. Please ensure this has been communicated to the customer prior to taking this action.

The 'Process Payment' action is enabled on any order where the status is not 'Paid.'

  1. Open the service detail you wish to modify
  2. Navigate to (⋮) > Process Payment
  3. Select correct crew size from the drop-down
    1. The 'Crew Size' drop-down will default to the size originally quoted on the customer's estimate
  4. Enter start and end time to calculate billable hours
    1. The standard hourly model assumes billable hours are equal to port-to-port time unless otherwise governed by local tariffs
  5. Enter non-billable time (optional)
    1. This input should be set to the per-crew, non-billable time (i.e., if a three-person crew each took a 30 minute break, enter 30 minutes into this field)
  6. Add line items (optional)
    1. Additional fees may be entered using 'Add line item,' including negative values for applying discounts, etc... ; Please ensure customer consent prior to processing a payment with additional line items.
    2. There is no limit to the number of line items you may add 

💡Troubleshooting tip:

If you need to add a line item or apply a discount prior to service date/completion, the best workaround is to create an internal note on the service detail view as a reminder. We are working to improve this functionality in the near future.