How syncing works with MoversSuite

Bi-directional syncing is enabled through MoversConnect—a MoversSuite integration

Bi-directional syncing

Only orders booked via ACX will be created in both MoversSuite and the Supplier Portal. Other non-ACX agent moves generated in MoversSuite will not get created in the Supplier Portal. For ACX orders, any edits made to the service (for the fields listed below) either in MoversSuite or in the Supplier Portal will sync bi-directionally so that both systems stay up to date.

  • Customer name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • OA/DA address with home type
  • OA/DA and booking agents
  • Dates 

Cancelled services will sync

With integration enabled, any service cancelled in the Supplier Portal will also show as cancelled in MoversSuite and vice versa.

We recommend cancelling from the Supplier Portal — as MoversSuite updates in near real time. When cancellations are performed in MoversSuite, the Supplier Portal may take up to an hour to reflect the change. 


Important: Certain actions taken in the Supplier Portal and/or in MoversSuite will not currently sync across systems (see below).

Availability will not sync

Because we are not syncing over non-ACX orders from MoversSuite, we don't have a way to auto-detect when a day should be blocked if capacity is reached when a non-ACX order is booked. 

Price adjustments will not sync

Any price adjustments applied in MoversSuite will not be reflected in the Supplier Portal.  As a workaround, additional line items may be included as part of the 'Process Payment' action prior to charging a customer's credit card on file. All payments must be processed in the Supplier Portal (via Stripe) upon completion of service.