Getting started with Stripe

Accept payments and send payouts with Stripe's payment processing platform.

Step 1: Activate your Stripe account

  1. In the Supplier Portal, navigate to Settings > Booking Platform and click 'Get Started' on the Payments module
  2. If you are new to Stripe, click 'Activate Stripe'
  3. Select from these two options for activation:
    1. Associate one central payout account with the parent agency
      With this option, all credit card payments received across all locations will be routed to one central bank account you associate with the parent agency.
    2. Associate individual payout accounts with each agent location
      With this option, credit card payments received for this location only will be routed to the bank account you associate with each agent location.
  4. Complete the Billing Contact Details form 
  5. Click 'Activate Stripe Account'
  6. You should see a Success message containing a unique link
  7. Click 'Copy link' and paste it into a new browser window/tab 
  8. This will take you to Stripe

Step 2: Complete Stripe's setup process

On the Stripe website, you will be guided through a series of forms requiring business and banking details.

Who should complete this step?

Please have the business owner or someone with significant management responsibility complete this process.

How long will this take and what do I need?

It will take approximately five- to-10 minutes. Be sure to gather these less-common details before getting started:

  • Business owner's home address
  • Photo of business owner
  • Bank account and routing numbers
  • EIN (Employer Identification Number)

Step 3: Wait for account confirmation

Confirmation of account setup typically takes less than 24 hours. You can monitor status in the Supplier Portal under Settings > ACX Platform > Payments. 'Account Status' will change to 'Complete' when confirmed.


💡Troubleshooting tip:

If you see an error under 'Account Status,' sign in to Stripe. You should see any incomplete verification steps as alerts on your dashboard. 

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