Claims: What happens if my items are broken or damaged during a move?

4 Simple steps to make a claim for broken or damaged items during a move.

We know the belongings we move mean a lot to you. Hands try and take good care of you and your items by getting them safely loaded, transported, and unloaded at your new home. But, things can happen and when they do we want to make it right.

Step 1.) Claims must be immediately addressed within 72-hours after the loss or damage occurs, provide Company with notification of the following:

  • Date of loss
  • Booking number
  • Type of damage 
  • Item damaged or other loss
  • Description of what you believe caused damage or loss
  • Photos of the item

Receipts if available of original purchase

Step 2.) Maintain an open line of communication with your Market Manager to help answer or resolve questions that Handled may need your assistance with completing.

Step 3.) Once a resolution has been reached Handled will submit to you a repair or replacement offer of payment of the item(s) involved.

Step 4.) Handled follow up on your satisfaction!